Castration Methods

The first thing to say is, don’t hack them off with a knife in a moment of submissive passion! Tempting though this is, if the shock doesn’t kill you the blood loss will. So how to go about it:

Well the safest way is probably surgical removal by a trained and experienced surgeon. Removal of a testicle is called an orchiectomy, so removing both is known as a bilateral orchiectomy. However, you can’t just walk into your GP and ask for this. The NHS might do it as part of gender realignment, but there are years of counselling to go through before it is done. Basically, if you just want to be a Eunuch, then getting it done in the UK is probably a non-starter. Other options are available, certainly Thailand and possibly other places like India or Eastern Europe but, the further you travel the higher the cost and risk.

Chemical castration is another option and this can give both a temporary and a permanent effect. Chemical castration is growing more popular for the treatment of sex offenders and might be worth a trial if you are able to safely source the necessary drugs and equipment.

Other popular do it yourself methods include the Burdizzo, Elastrator and tri-bander all used in the castration of animals.

The Burdizzo is a bloodless method using a pair of pincers which crush the cords feeding the testicles so that they shrivel and die before being absorbed by the body. Safe in theory, there are significant risks if not done by someone with experience. Risks include infection, internal bleeding and just plain not working. Certainly using a Burdizzo single handed would be extremely awkward and the pain involved would prevent too many being able to successfully undertake it.

The Elastrator and Tri-bander both work on the same principle. The devices are used to open a very tight, strong rubber ring which is then placed behind the testicles cutting off all circulation to them. If left in place the testicles will go numb then die in a very short time and will, in fact, drop off after a few days. Allowing this, though, gives a high risk of infection as the dead flesh rots whilst still attached to the body. To prevent this the dead testicles and scrotum can be cut off as soon as they are numb enough, albeit there are still risks if not done properly and a visit to A&E is a likely and sensible after care measure (they might even finish the job for you). Whilst the testicles are dying the pain is apparently like a bad stomach ache but this does settle down in time. Should the potential Eunuch decide to abort the action there is apparently a painful price to pay as the circulation returns.

So what about my castration? Well Miztress Sophie wants me to be banded then cut. As a result i am now the owner of a new Elastrator and bands, so i have the means to complete the job, now She will decide the timing.

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16 Responses to Castration Methods

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  2. Richard says:

    You need fucking help.. if you are in the UK, what you are proposing is illegal.

    • Thanks for that well thought out critique! Why do you feel the need to judge my sanity? I’m fully aware of the legal position, suggest if you are offended you move along, narrowmindeness is not a trait i find appealing.

    • miztresssophie says:

      He can do whatever he wants, he is My slave and hes doing it for Me and himself. It is his destiny. Body modification is NOT illegal. It is his body and NO ONE ELSES!

  3. goldy says:

    i would like 2 see ur private parts after castration if possible

  4. lmj says:

    i am about to band myself and then cut my unwanted balls off. will try to send pics.

  5. lmj says:

    balls are gone, no pain, and i feel free for the first time. pics will come as sone as i get them off my camcorder. let me know a site i can put the video on.

    • Christopher says:

      What I was asking before is, why did Imj castrate himself? Was it also for Miztress Sophie? I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t had the honor of fulfilling your destiny yet. I feel your pain as my Goddess has already had me wait for quite some time until I prove myself worthy. Is there an e-mail address where I can communicate with you without it being posted? I see in you a kindred spirit and I’d love to share my thoughts with you and your lovely Miztress.

  6. jack6 says:

    has done a horny work! do you have pics here?
    gratulations and how are you feeling.
    how is the healing process?

  7. lmj says:

    jack6, as far as pics trying to find a site to put them on. as to how i feel. it feels so good not to have them swinging between my legs anymore . i am healing just fine.

    • christopher says:

      Is this drama still playing out? Did Miztress Sophie’s Eunuch ever sacrifice his testicles to his miztress? I’m curious as to why you castrated yourself, was it also as tribute to the lovely Miztress Sophie? The reason I ask is because I may soon do the same for my Miztress (or rather my Goddess as She now permits me to call Her).

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